How Can I Exit from StyleTap Platform?

1/16/2009 10:51 PM
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Normally, on Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices, you do not have to exit from any program -- just launch the next program and the current program disappears into the background (but remains active).

Sometimes you really want to exit from a program so that it is not just hidden, it is not running at all. You have to do this with StyleTap™ Platform in order to reinstall or upgrade StyleTap™ Platform itself. Or, if you are doing some manual file maintenance operations, you should exit from StyleTap™ Platform, move the files, and run StyleTap™ Platform again.

Method 1. The simplest way to terminate StyleTap™ Platform is to go to the StyleTap Launcher and choose the menu option Applications/Exit.

There are two other ways to exit from StyleTap™ Platform (or any other Windows Mobile/Pocket PC application).

Method 2. From the Windows Mobile Today screen, tap on "Start" and choose "Settings" from the drop down menu. Tap the "System" tab on the first Settings screen. Tap the "Memory" icon and then the "Running Programs" tab. In the running programs list, you will see one line for the current StyleTap program (e.g. "PilotMines"). Select that program and tap the "Stop" button. StyleTap™ Platform will terminate.

Method 3. From within StyleTap™ Platform (any StyleTap application screen or the StyleTap Application Launcher) tap on the keyboard icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Use the keyboard to enter the character Ctl-q. (Tap "Ctl" then tap "q".) Styletap™ Platform will terminate.