Receiving Beamed Objects

1/16/2009 11:00 PM
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A. Beaming an application from another mobile device.

1. After you have installed StyleTap Platform on your mobile device, you can beam Palm OS applications from another StyleTap or Palm OS device. Select the application from the program launcher or beaming utility on the sending device, start the beaming operation and position the two devices to complete the exchange. Make sure that the Windows Mobile option "Receive all incoming beams" in Settings / Connections / Beam is on in the receiving device. See the note on "Receiving beamed objects (applications, databases, contacts, etc.)" below.

2. After the new application has been received, you will be able to run it with StyleTap Platform. An icon for the application will be created automatically in the "Programs" folder.

B. Receiving beamed objects (applications, databases, contacts, etc.)

If you experience any difficulties receiving objects that are beamed from another device, check the Windows Mobile setting for beaming. Go to Settings / Connections / Beam and check the box marked "Receive all incoming beams." Be sure to tap the OK button to close the settings window.