Using Bluetooth

1/17/2009 1:49 AM
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StyleTap Platform supports a subset of Bluetooth protocols known as RFcomm or "serial over Bluetooth" that can be used to communicate with GPS or barcode scanning devices.

There are two things required to use StyleTap's Bluetooth support:

  1. Have a file called StyleTapInit.ini [ a sample here: StyleTapInit.ini.unsafe ] in the StyleTap\db folder on the device, that contains the following directive:


  2. Connect the PalmOS RFcomm port ('rfcm') to the host device's communications (COM) port that supports a Bluetooth RFcomm session.  In some implementations of Windows Mobile, no preparation is required; when a Bluetooth COM port is opened, the driver pops up a dialog allowing you to choose which available Bluetooth device you want to connect to.  Other implementations use a different driver that requires that you create the Bluetooth connection between the device and the Bluetooth device in advance.  This may then require that you use the StyleTap SerialUtility program [ SerialUtility.prc ] to map the Palm 'rfcm' port to the correction COM port for the connection you defined.