8/27/2009 4:19 PM
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The default installation process for the Epocrates application(s) uses conduits (HotSync), which are not yet supported by StyleTap Platform.

This requires the use of an alternate PalmOS installer program (setup.prc) provided by Epocrates, that uses TCP/IP (Internet) connectivity to download all of the required components directly from the Epocrates servers. There are two ways you can use this program with StyleTap Platform:

  1. If you have a PalmOS browser installed on StyleTap Platform, you can run the browser and go to


    On that page, click on the "Install Now!" button to download the setup.prc file.  It should launch itself immediately and then proceed with the rest of the installation.

  2. If you go to http://get.epocrates.com/ with your desktop browser, it gives you a message telling you to use your mobile device browser.  However, StyleTap has created a workaround, so to download the Epocrates setup.prc file to your desktop computer and then use StyleTap Application Installer to install it to StyleTap Platform on your device, go to


    in your desktop browser.  On that page, click on the "Install Now!" button to download the setup.prc file, and then use StyleTap Application Installer (or copy the .prc file into the \StyleTap\db\ folder on your device using one of ActiveSync/Mobile Device Center, PC Suite, an SD card, or any other file transfer or copy program) to install the program on StyleTap Platform.


  • If the setup program doesn't launch automatically, then tap the Epocrates icon to launch it.
  • The Epocrates setup.prc program required enhancements to StyleTap Platform, and therefore requires:
    • StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile v1.1.016 or later
    • StyleTap Platform for Symbian OS v0.9.023 or later